Glasshaus VII

An exhibition of works of art in glass by distinguished artists including Peter Layton and the London Glassblowing team plus newcomers, recent graduates from the RCA and exhibitors at New Designers.

Heike Brachlow, Teresa Chlapowski, Fiaz Elson, Joseph Harrington, Emma Hollins, Max Jaquard, Yuki Kokai, Peter Layton, Jon Lewis, Karen Murphy, Liam Reeves, Layne Rowe, Cathryn Shilling, Paul Stopler, Louis Thompson, Ewa Wawrzyniak.

This is the seventh annual exhibition at The Gallery at Parndon Mill devoted to works of art in glass.  This series of exhibitions has proved to be very successful, glass being one of the most popular materials for creating artwork. The translucency, colour and sheer beauty cannot fail to appeal.

As the reputation of the Glasshaus exhibitions grows, more distinguished artists and innovative newcomers have been attracted to showing their work in The Gallery.  Last year’s Glasshaus VI was described as one of the best glass exhibitions to be seen outside London.

Five glass artists now have studios at Parndon Mill and their work will be included in the exhibition. Heike Brachlow makes polished cast pieces which are concerned with movement and balance. Karen Murphy and Ewa Wawrzyniak mainly work with fused glass, making dishes, bowls and wall pieces. They also use the process of casting glass. Jon Lewis and his partner Yuki Kokai operate a hot glass studio, blowing vessels and making sculpture and wall pieces which often incorporate wood and metal. A sphere of shimmering dichroic glass is sited in the river in front of The Gallery.

We are proud to welcome Fiaz Elson, Joseph Harrington and Teresa Chlapowski again this year, exhibiting new work.

Newcomers to The Gallery include Emma Hollins whose work caught Karen Murphy’s eye at this year’s New Designers exhibition. Recent graduates from the Royal College of Art are Liam Reeves who has studied and experimented with historic glassblowing techniques and Paul Stopler whose kiln formed glass explores the interplay of form and colour. Max Jaquard is known for his outdoor life sized figure installations and it is hoped to install one of these either outside or within The Gallery.

Taking part once again this year are members of The London Glassblowing Workshop, Peter Layton, Layne Rowe, Louis Thompson and  Cathryn Shilling. Peter Layton’s London Glassblowing is a hot glass studio focused on the creation and display of contemporary glass art. The studio has a reputation as one of Europe’s leading glassmaking workshops with a particular flair for the use of colour, form and texture.



University of Sunderland Press Release

Glass artist abstracts national prize

Released: Friday 20th July 2012 at 15:12

A NORTH East artist’s “exceptional” abstract glasswork has been voted the nation’s best new design by a panel of industry experts.

Emma Hollins may have only recently graduated from the University of Sunderland but already her creations are making an impact in the art world after she was unveiled as the winner of the main contemporary glass prize for an “exceptional” piece of work by the Contemporary Glass Society New Designers.

The 22 year old presented her piece of art, Emerging Image – Linear Abstraction, at the New Designers exhibition in London that showcases the work of 3,500 students.

The judges said that Emma’s use of the glass and the “careful investigation” of all the materials drew the viewer in to “interact and explore its depth”.

Emma, who studied a three year glass and ceramics degree, made her piece from different parts of glass and wanted to engage the viewer with unfamiliar objects.

She said: “I wanted to celebrate the glass I have been exploring, and elevate how everyone views the material. I have used common glass (float glass), which is what everyone sees everyday in windows and picture frames.

“New Designers was a great chance to exhibit my work. I have received so many compliments from people for my work and I feel so lucky to have come from a group of such talented artists at the University.

“I’d love any opportunity to exhibit again with the people I have worked so closely with and admire, and feel really happy that others have recognised talent in us.”

The prizes were even more significant this year as they form part of the Contemporary Glass Society’s nationwide celebration of glass as part of the Glass Games 2012. This is part of a two-year programme to put the artwork on the map. A festival of events, including exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations and open studios, runs until September 30 to introduce glasswork to more people.

Emma, who is from St Albans has won £250 in cash, a £100 Warm Glass voucher, a professional photo shoot worth £750 and a promotional and marketing package worth £400.

After winning her prize, she said: “I am about to exhibit at the Zest Gallery and the St Albans Society, so I am going to put the money towards materials. I believe in doing something you enjoy; at school I was never encouraged to follow creative avenues, but to pursue academic subjects, but I did a Foundation degree and discovered glass.”

CGS Newsletter

July 16, 2012

 Masters of the medium young glass artists to watch

 Why would anyone choose to work with glass these days? Fewer and fewer places to learn the skills, the cost, the challenge of the working with such a complex medium, the sheer sweat and toil.

 But three young artists have shown what the rewards can be when you master the mix of technical skill and creative vision. Their outstanding work has earned them Contemporary Glass Society New Designers awards and marked them out as glass artists to watch.

 Emma Hollins from Sunderland University won the main award for an exceptional piece of work, Emerging Image Linear Abstraction. The judges chose the 22-year-old St Albans based artist for work that “showed great understanding of her material and drew the viewer in to engage with its depths”.

 “I’m fascinated by materials,” said Emma, who discovered the possibilities of glass while on a Foundation Diploma.

 Runners-up were Melissa Vogel from De Montfort University and Shaun Fraser from Edinburgh College of Art.

 There were also commendations for Choi Keeryong from Edinburgh College of Art; James Alexander from Bournemouth and Poole College; Candice Paffey from Falmouth University, and Alexander Pearce from De Montfort University.

 This year, the awards were especially significant as it formed part of the Contemporary Glass Society’s nationwide celebration of glass – Glass Games 2012.

 Glass Games 2012 is part of a two-year programme by the CGS to put contemporary glass on the map. A festival of events, including exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations and open studios, runs until September 30, bringing the magic of glass to more people than ever before.

 The first prize included £250 in cash, a £100 Warm Glass voucher, a professional photo session with Simon Bruntnell worth £750, and a promotional and marketing package worth £400, including two years’ CGS membership. Craft&Design provided a year’s subscription to the magazine and space in the Makers Gallery pages, together worth £180. The runners-up received vouchers from Creative Glass UK, and a promotional package worth £100, including a year’s CGS membership.

 The judges were acclaimed glassblower Simon Moore; international glass artist Anna Dickinson; Leo Duval, Director of Plateaux Gallery, and glass artist Karen Murphy, representing the CGS.



All the artists are happy to be interviewed and supply images. For more information, please contact

BLAST! @ ZeST Gallery London


ZeST Contemporary Glass Gallery is excited to be hosting BLAST! 2012, the 10th anniversary exhibition of Cohesion Glass Network. To celebrate this landmark, ZeST has invited eight of Cohesion’s founding members to exhibit their latest artworks and given each of them the opportunity to select an emerging artist to be a “partner” and show work alongside them.
These eight artists are Criss Chaney, Dominic Fonde, Zoe Garner, Ruth Lyne, Joanne Mitchell, Claudia Phipps, Roger Tye and Cate Watkinson. They have selected partners whose work they admire, or find complementary to their own, or in some cases they have joined forces to create unique collaborative work, exploring and developing themes and concepts held in common. Some, but not all, of the partner artists are Cohesion members, and all but one of the partners are artists working in glass.
Cohesion founder member Dominic Fonde chose digital media artist Chua Teng Yeow to jointly create a representation of the Greek mythological Minotaur and the Cretan labyrinth. Other artists are linked by their themes and concepts; Claudia Phipps, whose work ‘On the Wing’ captures the delicacy of the feather and wing in flight, has partnered June Kingsbury whose multi-media work also uses elements of the natural world illustrated in glass.
The exhibition features a diverse selection of glass art, including wall-mounted and installation artwork, as well as vessels and sculpture, and embodies a broad spectrum of processes and techniques. The pairings within the show create an exciting dynamic of glass, artistic and otherworldly narratives.
Criss Chaney with Robyn Townsend

Dominic Fonde with Chua Teng Yeow

Zoe Garner with Carrie Fertig

Ruth Lynewith Rachel O’Dell

Joanne Mitchell with Tim Tate

Claudia Phipps with June Kingsbury

Roger Tye with Michael Janis

Cate Watkinson with Emma Hollins

Follow the link below for images:

New Designers News

New Designers was a great week for the whole of the University of Sunderlands stand.

Our immediate success was with Leah Dennis who sold out of work within the first hour of the show being opened only to press and VIPs. Later, once opened to the public, she continued as she started by collecting a series of commissions and has been interviewed for editorials about her and her work! Alice Thatcher stopped every passer by with her work, luring people to our stand. Her work did more than grab the attention of the general public, she also was nominated for a prize from Sketch. Paul Wearden had so much praise for his speaker designs (also check out his glass giroscope).

In general our stand has been praised as being AWESOME and a really strong collective body of work. We’ve had magazines want to write articles, galleries wanting our work and the odd sale. And I won the CGS Glass prize :) Check me out on the two links below.
Leah and I have just made it onto the New Designers Pinterest Boards! Fantastic Year group!
Photographs to come.

Getting up to date: Degree Show Photographs inc. the Private View

Sorry for my lack of posts- its been a mad few weeks. Heres the first of a few to come.

Our degree show was a great success and the work looked slick! A special mention to 3 particular artists from the group; Alice Thatcher, who won the ceramics prize, Paul Wearden, who won the glass prize and Julie Cox who made the largest sales.

All photographs taken by Josh Cockroft.

Kathryn Baxter:

Holly Reed:

Amy Edmondson:

Sophie Scott:

Alice Hounslow:

Leah Dennis:

Alice Thatcher:

Lily Daniels:

Jenna Barcroft:

Julie Cox

Me, Emma Hollins (sorry my work doesn’t photograph well)


Mike Holden:

Helen Stafford:

Paul Wearden: